Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Instrument & Room Contours

We did contours so we would learn to focus on details, shapes, and continuous lines throughout our drawings. The corner of the room and the instruments were both kind of a challenge because they were both very detailed focuses but overall i think the pieces that had more detail turned out to be the best.


We did ribbons to lear to control shading with adding highlights instead of adding shading. The beginning of the ribbon started off rough because i didnt leave much of the black but as the ribbon went on i got the hang of it.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sketchbook 1


We did sheets on colored construction paper and white charcoal to focus on the lights and darks of folds and wrinkles so that we can learn how light travels across the fabric and the basics of shading.

~*~*~*~* sHaPeS *~*~*~*~

 In class we focused on shapes and shading as well as shadows. Shapes are important because you're trained to recognize them in every object and draw them so its important to know their characteristics and how to shade them.

Backpack Contour

In class we did contours of our backpacks i like the way mine turned out and I think I used more fluid lines then I had done previously. I am most proud of the little clip on the strap because i think it looks realistic.

Hand contours

These are the hand contours we did in class we were supposed to focus on lines, detail, and using fluid lines. They turned out pretty cool for hand contours and i like them alright.

beginning drawings

For the beginning evaluation we were supossed to do two drawings a hand and a view from whatever corner of the room we choose using lines and full value.