Monday, January 27, 2014

Angry Pancakes

Today i did the angry pancakes project while following the tutorial im pretty happy with how it turned out it was a cool project to work on and i feel like i better understand how to use photoshop and utilize its tools. The pancakes are kinda scary not gonna lie but in like a cool way.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Final project

For my final project I made a plaster hand model. I made it by dipping plaster strips in water and then draping them around my hand. After letting it dry I cut it up to the wrist and then repaired it after sliding it off. After letting it dry over night I came back and added the finishing touches by paper mâché newspaper and colored tissue paper to the outside. Over all this was a fun project and I enjoyed doing it. If I were to change one thing about my project I probably would have painted it by hand and added cool effects instead of the paper mâché.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The direction i took with the word repetition was with the repetition of the wheel spinning and the repetition of the amount of times it took me to create a bowl that was actually functional and symmetrical. I began by sketching out ideas of the bowls shape and then the process of wedging and throwing clay on the wheel until I created a piece that I liked. I then waited several days for it to dry some and flipped over and secured it on the wheel so i could detail, trim, and add a foot to the bottom of my bowl. I then added the sun details to the inside of the bowl and glazed it to finish. The thing I feel was most successful was the sun inside of the bowl. If i was to change something about it i would have redone the glaze and made it more even throughout each part of the bowl.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Texture & Pressure

For my project I used the concept of the pressure of dieting. It started as an idea of doughnut and then became a hamburger in order to add  multiple textures and detail as well as match Emma's pizza slice to have complimenting pieces. I feel i did well on the proportions and texture of each item of the sandwich and if i was to re-do it i would've put more detail into the paint and made the bun color less intense.

Marble Drop

I worked on the marble drop with Emma and Ashley. We all came up with the idea of doing a winter wonderland theme due to the fact that we did the project during the holiday season. the most difficult part of our project was positioning the snowman correctly enough so that the marble would follow the right track. The marble traveled in a zig zag motion through tracks that we made out of cardboard. If i could change anything in this piece i would have put more detail into the tree and made the decoration tracks more detailed. My favorite part of this piece is the tracks that look like clouds because you cant tell that they're in there.