Sculpture Final Portfolio

1.) My favorite material to work with this year would be the paint and finishes used to complete our sculptures. I like using paint because it can add dimension and texture that was not already featured on the piece. It also really easy to layer and use together. You can create any shade of any color you want by mixing colors together. its also easy to fix mistakes that you've made by adding on another layer. It also is a lot easier and quicker to work with than glaze due to the fact that separate colors can mix together and you dont have to wait for the piece to be fired in the kiln to see the effects in full force. I feel the piece I utilized paint the most would be in my relief piece. I used to texturize the feathers of the bird and add dimension that otherwise would not have been there. I feel as though it is the best representation of my use of paint throughout my projects this semester.
2.) I believe my texture and pressure project was the least successful of my pieces. Although the message of the piece was a good one for the top I found the execution of it unsuccessful. The construction of it started out well but became less realistic as the piece furthered. I would have preferred to have made the buns sesame seed smaller than they came out. The painting of the piece was also less successful than i would have preferred. The colors were more vibrant and less realistic than i had originally imagined them to be and had planned they be more neutral than they came out. Also due to the the small cracks and crevasses in the piece it was hard to paint each section precisely. It also caused for there to be small spots or places where paint had splattered onto a different section of the burger.
3.) The project i grew the most in was my repetition piece. I made a bowl by spinning it on the wheel and adding on separate effects later on in the process. When I first started the project I had never used the wheel. After messing up the first time I continued to wedge and throw pieces of clay. Then after several attempts I had finally made a bowl that was functional and could be used for my project. I learned how to effectively use the wheel and center my pieces. I also learned various techniques and strategies for trimming and decorating my bowl using the wheel. Over all I believed I developed the most with this project and learned a lot about using the wheel.

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