Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9/25 Art Article. Sculpture period 4.
Reading this selection about a Van Gogh piece that had gone undiscovered raised a question to me as to how much valuable art goes undiscovered due to the worth of an artists name, essentially how many undiscovered artists go throughout life overlooked. As I researched  I read an article that questioned whether artists could continue doing what they loved due to the poverty of leading an art related career. Although some artists due make it big such as Van Gogh and receive an immense amount of money for their work many artists live their entire life being overlooked and letting their pieces gather only for them to enjoy. So this raises the question is the economical plight of being an artist going to overshadow the passion that many artists have for their work. Because of the society we're currently in not many careers are centered around art related subjects and the ones that are don't allow for the creativity artists possess so for the question of will it overshadow i believe it really depends on the person and how passionate they are about their work. As for careers and opportunities in the art world we can only see how things change over time.

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