Monday, March 16, 2015

Still Life

okay so my email and photos arent working i guess yahoo has some kind of personal vendetta against art blogs but it literally doesn't wanna work so im just gonna describe my still life and hope for the best. For my still life i did an image of a skull and horse shoe on purple paper using white and black charcoal. i kinda messed it up because i blended a lot and didnt really get all the values i wouldve wished too but its still cool and i still like the contrast of the purple. Had i spent more time on this project without the days we were out and what not i would've focused more on foreshortening the skull and kinda having have a more visible idea of how far apart everything is. overall it was a good learning process and i added some cool lines to it when i got frustrated which actually made me like it more so alls well that ends well.

update: we fixed it

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