Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dum Dum and Smarties

 The Dum Dum and Smarties assignment was a really good one for me because i feel like i got a hang of using color and putting other colors in to add value like using purple in with reds and stuff. The Dum Dum was my favorite because we used colored pencil and i had more control over my colors i also think it came out the most realistic because i could convey the folds and shadows on the wrapper really well rather than the smooth texture of the smarties. However i did like the smarties because the chalk was easily blended and the colors were really bright and fun to work with. I think what i struggled most with on that one was the wrappers ends and getting too much chalk and getting that weird and for lack of a better word gunked up texture but overall i really liked both of them and tried my best to do the assignment exactly how it was assigned and not do anything crazy or scary since im pretty sure i give mrs rossi headaches on like half of my assignments by straying from the assignment basics. ((((my b))))

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