Friday, May 29, 2015

Self Portrait

For my self portrait i wanted to do something different. We had the option of doing things mechanically but i wanted to do something that felt more organic so i chose to do a melting self portrait. I chose to do oil pastels for mine because it was a medium i was unfamiliar with and wanted to experiment with. The texture of the oil pastels kinda inspired me to do the melting because it reminded me of wax and candles. for the background i did chalk and decided to do bright colors and lines because i feel like dull colors are a waste of the spectrum and use of sight. i also really dig crazy backgrounds. if i were to do it over again id probably paint it. i know that's not an option for drawing class but the oil pastels werent able to give full coverage in some spaces and i feel like paint would cover it completely and still give me the same fluid texture i liked about the oil pastels. overall its one of my favorite pieces from this course.

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